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Photo Gallery

Here are a few photos of the "Hot Tamale" and her "Red Hots" in action!  Hope you enjoy!

Kevin, Bobby, Alan, Rod and Cindy

Hanging out at Ooops in Boone, IA

Rod Moulin on bass

Bobby Cassady & his new drum kit!

Now this you must admit is too cool! Just after opening for none other than Dr. John!

Alan Smith on guitar

Just after opening for Kelley Hunt in February 2005!

Ms. Cindy Grill, singing her heart out at the 2005 Iowa Blues Challenge!

Kevin Bodtke on harmonica

2005 Christmas Extravaganza at the Iowa State Historical Society!

2005 Nightfall On The River - Opening for Grinderswitch

Cindy Grill and Kevin Bodtke at Blues On Grand

Rod Moulin Blues On Grand

More Nightfall On The River - Kevin Bodtke and Matt Woods

Kevin and Rod at Blues On Grand

Bobby, Rod, Alan, Kevin, Jane and Cindy - 2008 Blues Challenge

Cindy Grill - 2007 Rollin' On The River Blues Fest

Alan Smith - 2007 Rollin' On The River

Bobby Cassady - 2007 Rollin' On The River

Rod Moulin - 2007 Rollin' On The River

Hot Tamale & the Red Hots - 2007 Rollin' On The River Blues Festival

Kevin Bodtke - 2007 Rollin' On The River

The Hot Tamale - Cindy Grill!

Dave, Cindy, Bobby, Kevin and Robert 2015

Dave, Robert and Cindy 2015

Dave and Cindy 2015

Cindy Grill


Dave and Robert 2015

Robert and Kevin